Impact Testing

Parents and Players -

We are proud to present this testing as part of our program this year. The program has been designed to help our parents, players and coaches manage and actively promote the safe play of the club. As we discussed at the parent meeting the Board of Directors and Coaching staff have a mission to produce a program for our players that make our club a leader on and off the ice in Missouri High School Hockey.  

Please follow the following steps to have your player baseline tested. ALL PLAYERS NEED TO COMPLETE THE TESTING BY September 6, 2023

  1. Your player must be in a quiet uninterrupted environment as the concentration aspect of the testing program is what gives you the needed information to take with you to your physician’s office. (That means tell the kids to turn off the TV, radio and phone).   
  2. Go to the Impact Testing Online link
  3. Enter our club code: JHSFGDN7GS   
  4. Launch the test and have your player enter his/her name and fill in all the personal information and basic medical history.
  5. Proceed to the test make sure that the player reads all the instructions for each testing section. They will be given a practice set to complete for each scenario.
  6. When completed you will have the option to print a copy of the results for your records. The same information will be stored in the club account at Impact test if you should need additional copies.
  7. The final results will be looked at by the club Risk Manager and if an invalid result is obtained the player will be asked to complete the test again. One baseline test has been included in your club fees, additional tests will be billed to your account at $20.00 each. We will do this because invalid tests are due to the test taker being interrupted and or not completing the section according to the directions. However post-concussion testing will be provided at no additional cost.  


Ft Zumwalt West Hockey Club Board of Directors.

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